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Sets For Sale

We have many different sets for sale ranging from the every weekend playing set to the on-the-shelf collector set. If you're unsure about what type you want, give us a call! We'll provide you with personalized guidance and pictures of recommended sets.

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We Buy All Games!

We are always in the market to purchase sets and games in all conditions. Whether it's incomplete, not functional, or even in pieces, we are always in need of supplies.

Dark Tour Board Games Serviced

Tower Repair or Exchange

We offer repairs to bring your tower back to life! You can also trade in your broken tower for one of our newly reworked towers both always covered by a one year warranty. Keep scrolling for more information.

Tower Repair/Exchange

Dark Tour Repair Service

Tower Repair - $25 + shipping

Send in your broken tower to be repaired! Your tower will be brought back to life usually within a week and shipped back USPS priority. It will then be warrantied for one year. Send your tower to:

Dark Tower Guy

5009 Mccue Dr.

Cheyenne, WY, 82009


**Note: Most of the time we can repair your tower without the replacement of any parts. However, the repair cost does not cover parts that need to be replaced. If you think your tower may need replacement parts, then trading in your broken tower for one of our serviced towers may be a better option.**

Dark Tour Exchange Service

Tower Exchange - $50 + shipping

Trade in your broken Dark Tower game for a newly serviced and warrantied Dark Tower. The tower needs to include the top Dark Tower cone, Dark Tower face cover, and tower battery compartment cover.  Ship your broken tower to:

Dark Tower Guy

5009 Mccue Dr.

Cheyenne, WY, 82009

1 Year Warranty on all Dark Tour Exchanges and Repairs


All tower exchanges and repairs come with a 1 year warranty. Shipping cost is $15 which covers packaging as well as 2-3 Day USPS Priority shipping.

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